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Start praying for friends, family, and neighbours that need to know Jesus personally.

What is I Am Andrew?

I Am Andrew is an effort to pray for those who don’t know Christ and bring them to the event.

Andrew was one of the first disciples Jesus called during His earthly ministry. The first chapter of John’s gospel recounts how Andrew learned who Jesus was—and then immediately found his brother, Simon Peter, and brought him to meet the Son of God.

Today, you—and your church members—can do the same by praying for family members, friends, neighbours and co-workers who don’t know Jesus and then bringing them to hear the Gospel during the God Loves You Tour.

If you are a pastor, stand with churches across Southern England on Sunday 2 July to hold a service focused on I Am Andrew, or choose another Sunday in July that can work for you.

Find resources below.

Video: Stop and Look Around

“Your mission field, like Andrew, is where you live, work, or go to school. It’s who you do life with.” Watch this video to see how you can be an Andrew in your community.

Download 2-min Video

Free Resources

I Am Andrew booklet

Find out the four simple steps that will help you share your faith. A tangible reminder that will encourage you to be a bold witness—to be an Andrew.

Download booklet

I An Andrew sermon

This is a simple sermon message outline you may wish to follow as you explain IAA to your congregation.

Download sermon

To request printed resources, please email the office.

I am Andrew booklet
I am Andrew sermon

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